Shannon Moreland
EVERYTHING you need for the beech, and the customer service is EXCELLENT! They also have the coldest beer, at the best price on town. Highly recommend the Sea Gulp!
First of all this store is very clean and well lit. The prices are fair and the owners are kind and hardworking. They also have a deli behind the counter with a good selection of foods at a great price. We had their biscuits and gravy and a chicken sandwich that were delicious and put together quickly. Lastly their are some other things that make them a great spot to stop: - F'Real smothie and shake maker - Useful everyday items and beach-goers accessories - A wide variety of snacks drinks and alcoholic beverages - Animal treats and accessories Thank you for your great service!!!
Jaine London
Love this store! This is more than just a convenience store. They have extremely well thought out inventory. The owner is warm and friendly as are the other employees. She serves fresh hot food. I'll be adding some photos as well. Excellent choices of coffees, soft drinks, juice, beer, wine. In addition she has a machine where you can have smoothies protein shakes milkshakes... All fresh. One of my favorite things is called an Italian soda. If you've never had one this is the place to try it. These are also freshly made, not in a can or bottle. There are several flavors to choose from. The storefront is very pretty and there is excellent parking, which is sometimes hard to find in Lincoln City Oregon. Trust me. Try it you'll like it!
Ivan Martinez
First time driving through Lincoln City along the Oregon coast. Made a quick stop at the Sea Gulp to pick up a souvenir. An Octopus tote bag was all I needed to carry my fragile purchases. The store is filled with other interesting items, such as kites and flying sea gulls.
Ky Farmen
Absolutely wonderful, friendly people running the shop! Staff was kind enough to cater to my dietary needs when my boyfriend and I stopped in for sandwiches. Absolutely delicious place for lunch or snagging a cool kite! ETA: during the kite festival it was brought to our attention by professional kite fliers that the sport kite my boyfriend bought here was both incredible quality and and an excellent price! If you’re looking into getting into kites this is the place to go!
Erik Taylor
Great place to stop in and get a little bit of everything. Small deli making fresh sandwiches that were really good. Very friendly staff. So glad I came across this place. Will be back next time I visit Lincoln City.
Vanessa Cummings
Went today for some sandwiches during the kite festival. Staff were super friendly & the sandwiches were made fresh. They were delicious! Because it’s a market I spent my time choosing the perfect snacks while I waited for my sandwiches. 100% would go again!